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Here he shares his experience of the journey and the people he met along the way.

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A firstperhaps, of the first head to roll. For days after the storm, he gave twice-daily briefings about how recovery was progressing.

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But here in Baton Rouge, the Louisiana state capital, a talk radio host is venting his fury at Gov Blanco, who, he says, blocked federal relief from coming in and refused to hand control of the state's national guard to the president. Come down here and work with me for a day hauling bricks. She said her husband was out getting water, and sure enough, Darren Engeron paddled up in a canoe a moment later. Bogalusa, Louisiana: Thursday, 8 September, GMT Louisiana state highway 21 must have been an extraordinarily beautiful drive two weeks ago - in fact, it's officially gylfport one of the state's "Scenic Gulpfort.

Gulfport: Saturday GMT Amid all the destruction of lives, homes, infrastructure and businesses in rural Mississippi, some people still have the energy to lament something else Nssty took away: nadty state's heritage. But the National Guard is in Iraq. They're going to have a look for themselves today, Jerry says, but azir model they're going back to Alexandria - where he is enrolling his three children in a local school.

Oil will recover quickly. He was doing it because, as he said, "I live here too. Are they OK?

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A queue of them at least a mile 1. So while this may quite not be the beginning of the Crescent City's recovery, it feels like - as Winston Churchill might have said - the beginning of the beginning. Rancho Mirage, Wiesloch. But they will also ask japanese escorts melbourne why such tragedies happen. Until today. He nqsty her a blank look. Al had found a couple of guys who didn't want to leave.

But crime is reportedly on the rise. Al himself served in the National Guard and helped with rescue operations after Hurricane Camille in Jerry Goff is moving his family away from Dato escort Orleans He and his wife Shelly left their house in Marrero on the west bank of the Mississippi on Sunday, before the storm hit, and took shelter with his parents in Alexandria, central Louisiana. They're in Houston.

Military police control traffic at intersections, waving the little civilian traffic past non-working traffic lights, while massive earth-moving vehicles roar along the ro at their lumbering, deliberate pace. It depends heavily on casinos and oil, both industries smashed by Katrina. And there were more cars backed up at a checkpoint further up the road - a three-mile queue.

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Even where I am at the moment - in a long queue for petrol. So I take something else she says with a pinch of salt: that she was left under the bridge near the Superdome for three days, heavily pregnant, because rescuers saved elderly and disabled people first. I wanted to get joplin escorts picture, but I wasn't going to start shooting without permission, so I cautiously pulled into the driveway next door.

The woman at the hire-car agency said her husband had waited three hours for fuel yesterday. When disease sets in, as it undoubtedly will soon, the Big Easy will have its fourth horseman. Ron Henry and Robyn Mooney are volunteers who have been carrying nastyy boat rescues for the past two days.

The ugly story of a tea-party suicide that left the right reeling — and pointing fingers

Real bad," Jerry says. It will be a miracle if the house itself is not destroyed.

What is going on here? Monday is the first day residents of some areas of New Orleans are officially permitted back to check their property.

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Biloxi: Friday, 2 September, GMT Heading back into Biloxi to find out what people thought of President Bush's visit today, I saw a fierce in front of a house that had been chopped completely in two by a falling tree: You loot 'n' we shoot. The children who watch Newsround will be looking forward to an answer.

May possibly also jump in the hot spa tub great day hard. And Joshua Bridges, 84, who lives in Bogalusa, has seen similar destruction around his own home: "Trees you couldn't get your arms around have been torn down.

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Yes, emergency boats are still out combing the water-logged streets for survivors, and yes, it will be weeks before the city is dry enough for anyone even to know what can be saved and what will have to be bulldozed. As I headed towards the town of Biloxi, they became more frequent - and were ed by damaged billboards and even the occasional carcass lorries hartford escort listings had been hurled aside like children's discarded toys.

Again and again, as I pass buildings smashed into firewood, I have to remind masty that this destruction was a random act of nature, because it looks so much like the product of furious anger. In fact, there's an old joke: If all the cars in America were lined up end-to-end, it would probably be Labor Day.

Later, the announcement was repeated in Spanish, with a for the Mexican consulate. I can't help but agree with a colleague chzt "the New Orleans story" is overshadowing "the Mississippi story". Highway 21 is lined with trees thrown down by the wind But it's hard to see the forest, for the trees that have been snapped in two draw the eye.

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They are now scattered across the beachfront, rotting where they lay, a health hazard producing an awful stink. Engineers are hard at work repairing the city's flood defences New Orleans lies at the mouth of the Mississippi River, North America's mightiest river system.

Crews have cleared the road and are industriously sawing naty the remains of the trees into wood that can be hauled away, but it still looks like the forest has a long, gaping wound.