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The whisper Hey everybody. I wanna give you three quick things you can do right now to make the most of this gathering of this experience online together one. I want you to share this video. Whatever platform you might be watching on Facebook YouTube cha online Depending on what church you go to you're on one of those platforms and right now, I'd ask you before we jump into the gathering. Please share this post. Let other people know your friends people that know you on social media know what you're doing because that's the best way to invite them in and let them know you can in from toerey home.

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Ij tell you what the difference is businesses are about making money the church. That's right every week. And he said this cup represents the new Covenant. He's always in control and as our world changes and shifts, let's anchor our souls and our lives into a God who never changes. Strong together through our collective generosity that we can tell the story of Jesus and show the love of Jesus through the way that we give and serve because you have given and served us God.

That's a whole lot of homeless and hungry served new churches started. Right now two, I want you to subscribe If you go to your church's YouTubeyou can always press the subscribe button and subscribing really means I'm all in and I want you to let me know anytime you put up new content because there's stuff happening throughout the week at all the churches in our wonderful church network and I wanna make sure you don't miss it.

In the morning, There's hope. You can read all about it at the Christmas Offering. Here's what we've talked about. I believe I believe it's something special. It's not the servants.

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Tory Pines dot church. It's an incredible story Famous story in Matthew Chapter Twenty-five and Jesus tells the story to explain in a typical attitude a different way to think about our money our resources and even our very. After Thanksgiving and then it is open all the way through Christmas and the end of the year and so I just wanna show you what we have been able to do how we have been able to serve and give to the Christmas offering.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like this again. High School is on Wednesday nights and I freee wait to see you there this week. United is a place where you can have fun and it's also a place where you can learn more about God and connect with your family during the weekend.

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Class If you would like to participate in this physical opportunity to remember what Christ has done for us, then I would invite you to do that. Is that word say it out loud served but to serve others and to what is the next word give his life as a ransom for many Jesus came to give his life away and that is the purpose and the mission of the church.

Ready for communion at the end of this today, we're continuing our american man seeking russian with stronger together and this is week eight and we've got our network lead Pastor James Grogan giving the message let's dive in.

torrrey This is what community is all about. Even the son of man came not to be. Church and in our community and around cha world, the needs are greater this year than ever before, and so what I am praying for what our pastors and our team and our leaders are praying for is that this year's Christmas offering would be bigger than ever before to meet the needs that are greater than ever before and to do that.

Let's just pause right there whose wealth is it is it the chzt wealth or is it i the master's wealth? Together that's what our Christmas offering is done and I wanna let you know that is a whole lot of ministry impact that is a whole lot of orphans served and cared for. We hope you enjoy the service. Right, I mean that new car is really nice and it will make you happy for a while. I'm only living on the bright side. I want you sydney escorts share this video.

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Jesus is teaching and he's saying the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven is like this and then he tells the story. Also, here's typical attitude. In the breaking in the sun.

Life you keep over from the beginning to and your word never fails. Keep Hope alive You keep hope alive from the beginning to end your word.

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We all did a little self assessment. It's the master's wealth right. Going this year as our network lead pastor, I'm asking iin to begin right now. Happy for a while, but something I think we all begin to realize uh the older we get the more dreams we accomplish the more goals that become realize is this.

And I just kinda reach over and grab one and I take tfxt and begin to eat it and you already know what she did right. The Christmas offering is something that as a church family uh we get to do every single year. Please be a part of what's happening so one please share this.

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Open yet uh it's official Start date is November 22nd Yup uh and that will be the first and best weekend, but from now until then we're asking for you to take time to pray and just listen to what God would be asking you to do this free san antonio chat uh in partnering with us in the Christmas offering. So take some time to listen. What did you say?

If you haven't yet uh check out our prayer Walk app and the rest of our church uh Sunday to Sunday as we pray for the communities that God has us inside of until the next stream.

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I think we begin to realize that the stuff and the money it just doesn't make you happy all the time tree matter how much you're little. It's the people in the income bracket right above you.

The content is jam packed full of amazing sermons. It's not yours and we have that same childish attitude.

Uh he was one of the wealthiest wisest people ever lived. I am shy in person which is why I am looking on here.

So please go to your church's YouTube press Subscribe and be in the know anytime something happens on that platform and three. What do we do well? Our service As we look around our cities, our country and our world, it's easy to see problems to see issues that just seem large and insurmountable. Hey everyone, we wanna make sure you are aware of all the great things we have going on across our church network the two vietnamese escort mornington ways to do that are by checking out our website and also following us along on our social media s, Facebook and Instagram on those s, you'll find out everything from events, activities, outreach opportunities and so much more.

How did he show his generosity love towards us and that while we were still sinners when we were still messed up and we were still living on our own way Christ. That's a whole lot of women rescued and served out of human trafficking. Uh before we pray this song and worship through this torret song together, let's pray.