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Chat date federal way

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I just protected then unprotected it. Did you see a message that said it was protected when you tried to edit it? Just wondering

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And you can't even prove that this "cultural preference" of sorts is even strong enough to make this a viable point. The name is feveral and might lead people into thinking it's a city instead of a metro area, which is confusing. Either 1, 2, or 3 can work with little to no difficulty in fitting those solutions into the structures that exist for Washington articles.

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If I'm missing any, please add them here. QuirkyAndSuch talk19 February UTC No, we actually tend to classify things by what they are considered to escort richmond by the general public, not by legal status. How about Issaquah? And being considered a city by common public misconception rather than legal status wouldn't be fededal. Option 3 a is basically this but making a distinction between metro and large cities, one that would be helpful to users without being confusing.

It wouldn't make sense to represent them all as individual cities and then to also feeral them together as a big city esp when they are not an individual city. We could probably just put up the metro are names for Portland and Spokane and have them auto-direct to the existing articles for these cities because they already have all the information we need about the metro goshen va adult personals, and I don't see any reason to create separate articles esp since the existing ones would already have so much information, no need to cannibalize them.

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A more complete list might give a better idea of how "minor" a city we ought to include. However, Federal Way borders Kent and the even "smaller" city of Auburn. The best site for dating in Federal Way, Washington our online dating site to meet men or women that tick chah boxes in Federal Way, Washington. Minor cities must have more than 10, okay?

Maybe what's needed is a third alternative? Esp since option 1 doesn't differentiate between city or metro area, which is one feederal the problems that started everything.

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Washington state really doesn't have the same "type" of regions as other areas in the country - the only place that's really known by its region more than city is Tri-Cities. Just wondering Why would these unincorproated areas be included in Federal Way's total population and not in those of Kent and Auburn elevating their status on this template?

It isn't protected now in any case. Given the we have to aay with, the Tri-Cities is more of a "city" than it is a "region. I suggest instead that the important limitation here is the desired size of the template; thus we should cutoff on relative population to maintain a consistently-sized template even through population changes i.

County seats certainly deserve a spot. Is there any justification for this?

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Strong Support 4 a4 bor 1. By letting these individual cities remain as three small cities it gives them representation and a resource for people interested in looking them up, all the while giving the Tri-Cities region representation as a region without contradicting what these three small cities actually are. I see three options, none of them ideal. Please let wy know if there is a strong reason to have it a particular color.

Template talk:washington

An effort was made earlier this year to standardize Canadian province templates which mostly succeeded. Well, more bluntly, they really aren't a city at all.

As such, it resembles other articles about cities or metropolitan areas -- not articles about features of physical geography. If we can all agree to those basic points, here are the options we have on the table. As stated above, I think it is culturally considered more a "city" than a "region" and it doesn't match at all with the other "regions" in the Washington template.

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It is also to reduce maintainence time by having to only maintain the style of 1 master template rather than maryborough escort individual state and territory templates. The individual cities that make up this region are already represented as efderal cities, and this region should be represented as a region.

It would look like this. As this is widely used, I wanted to ask for objections to the removal here on the talk for a few days, before going ahead with it.

I have moved Federal Way to the list of smaller cities. Just to make sure we're all clear on everything, I think we all agree that Tri-Cities, Washington should be in there somewhere, and that they really aren't so much a city as a metropolitan region.

Wat looking through those, I would support removing Tri-cities from the "largest city" section, and instead insert it in either the region section, or if enough consensus exists then to create a new metro area section and include it in that. Bellingham will be a major city in 3 years. It's called Tri-Cities because the identity of these cities have been blurred due to the close proximity and intertwined nature.

You are being rude, but I'll let that go if you're willing to also be productive. But the Portland and Spokane articles are about the cities themselves; there is wzy metro area article for those two places. I find that option 4 has the least "clean" fit for Washington. And putting Seattle's side-by-side with the TC one That seems pretty clunky to me.

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How can Federal Way eay considered personal chatroom small city when it's only a couple hundred less than one of the large cities? And "Tri-Cities" isn't actually a city itself, it's a region that consists of several smaller independent cities including Kenniwick, Pasco, and Richland.

Tri-Cities just doesn't fit. If I'd thought there would be some disagreement over an area xate the Tri-Cities fitting in the "cities" section, I'd have rewritten the template years ago. I checked out the articles, they seem perfectly setup for this.

But yeah the brighter one is too bright. Put simply, by slightly expanding our definition of "cities", we can make the template a whole lot neater. This is because they are still separate cities, even if they have been twinned. I think a greener shade of green would fit the state better but that's just my frderal.